DVD Lost Episodes 1

Four classic episodes dating from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.
Rediscovered, and now digitally remastered.

Presented by Harry Corbett OBE, the episodes feature Sooty Sweep and Soo in a variety of charming and hysterical situations – Sooty’s Toy Shop, Sooty’s Engineering Company, Sooty’s Birthday Party, The Sooty Olympics, Sooty’s Pottery Shop, Sooty’s Tea Party, Sooty’s Space Ship, and Sooty’s Garage.

Each episode is introduced by Sooty and his current TV partner Richard Cadell, who gives fascinating insights into Harry’s life and take you behind the scenes to see some of the intricate props and archive.

A touching tribute to the Corbett family and a gigantic giggle for Sooty fans old and new!

Brenda Longman talks about her 30 years as the ‘Voice of Soo’.

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